Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tanks a Lot !!

Bella Thomas, one of our photographers, and Miss November and I went up to Salisbury Plain the other day for a photoshoot. We were greeted by some very chivalrous and professional soldiers who directed us to a remote part of Salisbury Plain where we were assured of complete privacy. They even rigged up a make-shift changing area for Miss November (a long piece of black tarpaulin wound around two trees). Excellent. So far so good. However, part way through the shoot, we suddenly heard a distant noise and three, yes three - tanks came trundling down the hill from out of nowhere. Unsurprisingly, they slowed right down while passing us, and I had to use the light reflecting board as a shield for her!

Unperturbed, we carried on, but were then disturbed by a Military Policeman wanting to know what we were up to. He stayed a little too long for our liking. Then, a couple of minutes later, I saw a busload of soldiers which looked like they were making a bee-line for us. They managed to keep their distance to about 200 yards, but there were some interesting comments coming from the bus - so good to know that Anglo-Saxon words are still being used by those who defend us! Needless to say, Miss November recovered her dressing gown at this point!

We did get some lovely shots, though. Thanks Bella.

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