Friday, 5 August 2011

Miss May takes a tumble, Miss August gets caught in the rain, and Miss February goes to bed!

Miss May recently had her photo taken at Salisbury Racecourse - with a real racehorse kindly lent by Sarah and Steve Dixon. A beautiful, 17 hands tall bay, very handsome, and very big! Miss May is an accomplished rider herself, so we were all very surprised and alarmed when, the moment she got on him, he got rather agitated, reared up on his hind legs and ended up throwing her off and running off down the course. Thank goodness for two things (a) Miss May was wearing her riding hat; and (b) she wasn't topless at the time. Falling off a horse onto your head is one thing - doing it half naked is quite another! Anyway, although shaken, she was not deterred, and after Steve had taken 20 minutes to get the horse back, she got back on again and everything was fine. Well done Miss March - you showed great courage and fortitude!

The following day Miss August was photographed at Parkwood Leisure Centre - but there was a little adventure the previous day - something to do with having had a spray tan the day before, leaving the salon whilst it was chucking down with rain, and getting rain spots on the not-yet-dry tan! It rained all the way home, by which time it was even worse, so she decided to stay in the car in her drive and wait until the rain stopped! Hubby even came out with a cup of tea and a straw (so as not to spoil the tan on her face!!) The things we Calendar Girls do for a good photo! Miss August you're a heroine!

And the day after that, Miss February had her photo taken in a four poster bed in the Red Lion Hotel with a bottle of champagne and a few red heart shaped cushions. Lovely photo - hope it gets everyone in the mood for Valentine's Day.

Sara x

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